Medical reports for FAC and Shotgun licenses

Those of you involved in all forms of shooting, both in re-enactment and in the sporting world, will, no doubt be aware that applications for the grant, or renewal, of firearms and shotgun licenses will now require a medical report from your doctor. Through NAReS I have been made aware of difficulties faced by some re-enactors when trying to get … Read More

Equine Updates

Equine Updates April 2021 When hiring horses for any event, or including owner riders in any way, it is important to make sure that all equines have the correct paperwork. Equines must be microchipped and have a passport. With Brexit there are also new rules for taking equines abroad. Microchipping in Horses The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs … Read More


It has become apparent that some societies have decided, because of the lack of events, that they will not renew their Public Liability Insurance (PLI) until the situation gets better.  It is pointed out that they may well find themselves unable to renew, or face significant increased premiums. It is also understood that it has been proposed to only insure per … Read More